5 February 2021

Custom database

A new APF Nexus function allows you to import customized database. You can call the most commonly used materials, for example screws, bolts, etc. Once you […]
15 January 2021

Mini-tutorial on how to update old license file

1) Please start the APF Nexus software whose license need to be updated. 2) Remove the previous license.lic file. A) If a valid license file is […]
23 November 2020

Design considerations for laterally loaded connections in APF WoodJoint

Design considerations for laterally loaded connections in APF WoodJoint, The formulae now used in the Eurocodes for metal dowel type fasteners.
27 March 2020

THE EUROCODES, european standards for structural design

What are they for and what is their field of application? With this program, a set of technical rules for the design of buildings is established for the first time.
13 September 2019


APF Nexus updates to .NET framework 4.7.2; the following instructions will guide you through the installation of the latest version..
5 April 2019

TIMBER AND BEAM DEFLECTION, according to Eurocode 5

How the software check for serviceability of the structure according to the technical standards in APF WoodBeam and APF WoodTruss.
25 October 2018


The latest update brings new features to all of our software.