APF Nexus aspires to be a valid alternative to the other solutions, presently on the market. APF Nexus offers new software solutions for structural calculation and analysis, fire resistance and geotechnical engineering. These solutions are versatile, simple to use, very complete and most of all innovative. They are the result of direct experience, they are up to date with the latest legislations and are developed using the latest technology.

Anyone who has lost track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream, the urge to make dreams come true and the tendency to miss lunch.

Tim Berners-Lee

Evolution and Standard

APF Nexus contributes to a more performing standard of international engineering. It provides clients with a more precise analysis and a more computerized project thanks to its variety of licence scheme.
We offer engineering companies the opportunity to face everyday technical problems with our geotechnical software.
Clients and professional companies rely on us for their projects, acclaiming us for our structural analysis and calculation.


Who’s APF Nexus?

APF Nexus is a software company dedicated to the development of structural analysis applications for civil engineers in the geotechnical field. Our catalogue ranges from Free Tools to commercialization of private or company licences with the possibility to have single or multiple users.

Our objectives

The creation of a reliable and powerful technical tool for the calculation and analysis of structure, fire resistance and geotechnical engineering. Our ambitions are great but with passion and dedication APF Nexus will get there. APF Nexus offers its clients:

  • a software for structural analysis and calculation, fire resistance calculations and geotechnical calculations. A software that is simple to use, allowing professionals to best express themselves by helping them to efficiently overcome the everyday, technical challenges.
  • diffusion of the Eurocodes as guidelines for a more reliable and up to standard engineering project.
We pride ourselves on our honesty, constructive criticism and continual personal development.