Subscription, multi-licence, educational and non-profit

Purchase and manage APF Nexus Products according to your needs and your budget

Subscription licence and Short term licence

APF Nexus software can be installed as an annual subscription or as a short term lease, also known as a one off copy.

Subscription licence

When purchasing APF Nexus software as an annual subscription the engagement has a 12 month duration, starting from the generation of the License Key Code. For the entire duration of the subscription the software is subject to updates.

Annual subscription allows use of a continually up to date version of APF Nexus software. After the subscription period the user can decide to renew for another year or to terminate the service. If the licence is not renewed, APF Nexus will continue to function only in Demo mode, with its relative limitations.

The renewal of an annual subscription is not automatic.

Short term or one off licence

When purchasing APF Nexus software on a short term or one off basis you are able to use the existing version for an unlimited time. The software is eligible for updates only until a new version is released.

For example, if you purchase a short term WoodBeam 4.0 licence you will receive software updates up to 5.0 version (4.1, 4.2, 4.5 etc.).

If you intend to upgrade to 5.0, once your licence term is up, upgrade payment will be required.

It is not possible to convert a short term licence into a subscription plan.

Short term licence upgrade

This plan is put into effect when, owning a short term licence, one wants to upgrade to a newer APF Nexus version.

The upgrade is only available for short term licence owners as the upgrades are included and automatically carried out for subscription plans.

Purchasing multiple licenses

If you plan to buy two or more software licenses, we offer advantaged price.

Purchase prices are reduced relative to the number of active licences owned (licences being ordered also count).

Multiple licence discounts:

  •  For 2 user licences, 5% price reduction
  •  For 3-5 user licences, 10% price reduction
  •  For 5-10 user licences, 20% price reduction
  •  For 10 or more user licences, 30% price reduction

Educational and Non-Profit Licence

APF Nexus software products are free for non-profit use, like academic use, educational use, use in charitable or humanitarian organizations.

However, you need to register to obtain a license for your APF Nexus product (registration is always required for all products) and to be eligible for this kind of license you need to transmit the documents that demonstrate non-profit status.

Demo version

The TRIAL version (unregistered) of our products is fully functional (exactly what you'll get when you buy), with the following limitations:

  • It can't open files older than 5 days.
  • Some features, usually the choice of the type of structural material, are explicitly limited *

* Features's limitations can be different between every software.

As we offer this very comprehensive evaluation option, we do not accept any returns or offer any refunds once we have released registration information.

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