The purpose of this cookie policy is to inform you about the types of cookies we use on this website,
A cookie is a small piece of data sent by our computer to yours so that information can be recalled.

Cookies differ according to the purposes for which they are used, and are divided into two macro categories: technical cookies and profile cookies.
This site uses technical cookies and not profile cookies.

Technical cookies

These allow the user to navigate through the website or application and use the various options or services there.
For example, with traffic control and data communication, to identify the session, access restricted Web parts, remember the elements of an order, make the request for registration or participation in an event, use the security features during navigation, and to store content for broadcast video or sound.
These cookies are indispensable for the navigation and use of the website's different options and services. 

Analytical cookies

They allow for the measurement and analysis of activity on websites. We use these cookies to collect anonymous aggregated statistics which allow us to understand how users use our website with the aim of improving and adjusting it to our visitors' preferences.

Functional cookies

They remember your preferences when using our website (language, selected products, ...) , to improves the use of the website for you as a visitor.
If you disable cookies, you may not be able to use all website functionalities.

Which cookies do we use and why

 First party cookies

In basic terms are cookies set by a website visited by the user, the website displayed in the URL window.

 Third party cookies

These are cookies that are set by a domain other than the one being visited by the user. If a user visits a website and a separate company sets a cookie through that website this would be a third party cookie.

 Session cookies

They allow websites to link the actions of a user during a browser session. These session cookies expire after a browser session so would not be stored longer term. For this reason session cookies may be considered less privacy intrusive than persistent cookies.

 Persistent cookies

They are stored on a users' device in between browser sessions which allows the preferences or actions of the user across a site (or in some cases across different websites) to be remembered.

 Essential cookies

They are "strictly necessary" as without them we cannot provide many services that you need on our site. For example, essential cookies help keep you securely logged in between pages of your account and remember items in your basket as you move around the website. They do not gather marketing information.

 Functional cookies

They allow us to remember any preferences you've made and we use them to improve your online experience. For example, functional cookies will store your account email address and username so you don't have to re-type them every time you visit the site. They are anonymous and don't log any identifying information.

Source APF Nexus
Purpose Stores session information of logged in users, to enable personalisation and access to permitted resources (it stores account details and permissions)
Expiry Persistent cookie
Source APF Nexus
Purpose Stores the user language preference and location (in an anonymous form)
Source APF Nexus
Purpose Stores information regarding the characteristics and type of user information such as browser, device type (in an anonymous form)

How to manage or disable cookies in your browser

f you don’t want to receive cookies, you can modify your browser so that it notifies you when cookies are sent to it or you can refuse cookies altogether. You can also delete cookies that have already been sent.

The exact procedure depends on which browser you are using:

For further information about cookies and to protect your privacy on the internet, (first party cookie or third party cookie) we invite you to visit the following pages: We remind you, however, that disabling functional cookies or navigation ones can cause the operation of the site and/or limit the service that we offer.