Frequently asked questions

1How much do APF Nexus products cost?
Current pricing information is always available online on the pricing page.
2Are there any discounts for academic institutions?
APF Nexus software products are free for non-profit use such as academic use, educational use, use in charitable or humanitarian organizations. However, you need to register to obtain a licence for your APF Nexus product, registration is always required for all products. Access to this kind of license is subject to submittance of documents that demonstrate the non-profit status.
3Can I evaluate a product for free, before purchasing it?
Yes, you can evaluate a product for 28 days before purchase, allowing you to use all the functions of APF Nexus software, before you proceed with a purchase. There is no need for an evaluation licence key. We provide a fully functional download version of each APF Nexus software product for evaluation. What you'll be using during your evaluation is exactly what you'll be getting when you buy. In fact, to activate your commercial license, you’ll simply need to request and install a licence key (see box below).
4How is the software distributed?
We do not distribute any software on CD, DVD or with any conventional physical distribution method. Our software is available only via HTTP Download (digital distribution). Among the APF software license options Nexus also offers a portable version with full installation and activation of the software on USB support sent to the destination already fully configured and working.
5After I purchase a licence, do I need to reinstall the software?
No, there is no need to reinstall your software your existing installation can be updated entering the acquired License Key Code (you can copy it from the registration e-mail and paste it into the Activation dialog available from the Help menu).
6What is the process for buying APF Nexus products?
The most convenient way of purchasing Your licence is to order directly on the internet.
  • Fill the order form or send us an e-mail.
  • You will then receive an e-mail containing complete payment details, with a proforma invoice attached.
  • Please check the information contained in this e-mail and in the proforma invoice, then reply to the e-mail to confirm your order and proceed with the bank transfer. (Bank transfer costs are borne by the buyer)
  • After the transaction is complete, a confirmation e-mail will be sent. We can only release the key once we have received full payment. Within one business day of receiving the payment, an e-mail will be sent, including the License Key Code and instructions on activating your product. This License Key Code will correspond to the registration informations given in the order form.
7Is my personal information and billing information safe?
All data we receive from you is treated in strictest confidence. We do not disclose your data to any third parties. The data are processed pursuant to and for the purposes of Regulation (EU) no. 2016/679, better known by the acronym GDPR, which repeals and replaces in Italy for incompatibility the previous decree law n. 196/2003.
8Are there any applicable taxes?
APF Nexus is based in Italy. Prices for purchases outside of Italy may be subject to withholding taxes. Before making any payment transaction e-mail requesting a quotation for your Country, we will soon inform you about the overall price, and give you further information about how to proceed. As a general rule:
  • All purchases from Italy are subject to italian IVA (VAT).
  • All purchases from an EU Member State are subject to VAT Value Added Tax (in Italy or in buyer's Country).
  • For all purchases from outside EU Community, usually no VAT is charged on the transaction.
9Which payment methods are accepted, and what are your payment terms?
Bank transfer. (Bank transfer costs are borne by the buyer) Can take up to 5-7 business days for bank transfers to clear through our banking facilities. The licence key will only be made available after full payment is received.
10Can I get a refund after purchasing a product license?
All APF Nexus products may be used for 28 days for evaluation purposes, before registration and payment are required. The evaluation version of our products is fully functional (exactly what you'll get when you buy) with some features limitations. As we offer this very comprehensive evaluation option, we do not accept any returns or offer any refunds once we have released registration information (License Key Code).
11How do I contact Technical Support?
The only way of contacting APF Nexus support is via e-mail. Questions should be sent to technical support.
12What should I include in my e-mail message?
Tell us your License ID, but never include your password (License Key Code). Login information such as username and password should never be included in an e-mail message, nor should any sensitive, private data be included. Tell us about your problem, the more you can tell us, the better. Show us the full procedure you followed and the output it produced, including error messages if any.
13What does Technical Support provide?
Please understand that we cannot provide engineering consulting. Our support services attempt to help the user solve specific problems with the use of our products, we do not provide training or professional / expert advice in engineering and design. Questions concerning installation, and the use of the software are handled by Technical Support.
14How do I send program output to Technical Support?
Send the files as an e-mail attachment. Please understand the value of compressing files before sending them. If the files you want to send surpass a few MBytes (say, 5-10 MB) even after compression, it's better to use a file sending service (by uploading the compressed files to the free file hosting) and send the link to us rather than attach them, since many e-mail accounts place limits on the size of files they accept.
15How soon will I get response to my support inquiry?
We respond to customers' requests within two business days. However, usually we send a response within several hours.
16Who is eligible for Technical Support?
We offer free technical support to commercial clients (registered users) of current versions of the APF Nexus products. Free technical support for out-of-date versions continues for six months after a newer version is released. We are not able to provide assistance to users who use evaluation versions or otherwise called Demos.

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