13 January 2022

Designing the supports of a timber beam – WoodBeam to WoodJoint

In APF WoodBeam it is possible to evaluate the constraint reactions but also to verify the support compression. When this type of check is not enough, it is necessary to export the information from APF WoodBeam to APF WoodJoint and complete the design of the connection.
13 December 2021

What’s new in APF WoodBeam 5.2

What's new in APF WoodBeam 5.2; new cross section types, circular timber cross section and rectangular rounded cross section and new graphic options.
26 August 2021


APF Nexus updates to .NET 5; the following instructions will guide you through the installation of the latest version.
5 February 2021

Custom database

A new APF Nexus function allows you to import customized database. You can call the most commonly used materials, for example screws, bolts, etc. Once you […]
23 November 2020

Design considerations for laterally loaded connections in APF WoodJoint

Design considerations for laterally loaded connections in APF WoodJoint, The formulae now used in the Eurocodes for metal dowel type fasteners.