13 January 2022

Designing the supports of a timber beam – WoodBeam to WoodJoint

In APF WoodBeam it is possible to evaluate the constraint reactions but also to verify the support compression. When this type of check is not enough, it is necessary to export the information from APF WoodBeam to APF WoodJoint and complete the design of the connection.
13 December 2021

What’s new in APF WoodBeam 5.2

What's new in APF WoodBeam 5.2; new cross section types, circular timber cross section and rectangular rounded cross section and new graphic options.
5 April 2019

TIMBER AND BEAM DEFLECTION, according to Eurocode 5

How the software check for serviceability of the structure according to the technical standards in APF WoodBeam and APF WoodTruss.
25 October 2018


The latest update brings new features to all of our software.